Sacs aspirateurs Handy Bag
100% anti-allergies, anti-odeurs !
Sac aspirateurs
Réellement innovant et hyper performant, je suis le sac aspirateur Handy Bag. Avec mes 5 couches en matière microfibres ultra résistante, je filtre les particules de poussière comme personne.
usage hints
drücken Press foil into the tin with your palm and fix into place.
füllen Fill the tin according to wishes.
herausheben Lift the baked product together with the foil out of the tin (careful: hot).
lösen Foil can be easily separated from the baked product.
Folie legen Lay the foil on the tray and fold around the edges
belegen Cover the tray according to wishes.
Rollmesser Ideally, cut the baked product with a rotary cutter.
Baked product can be easily removed from the tray.
Description Longueur Largeur: Charactéristiques
6 m 38 cm